Old Rock Station

How do I create music alone?

Welcome to Old Rock Station!

Hello. I am Shiharuyoman, Japanese, living and working in Tsukuba city, Ibaraki area.

I love trio rock band (3-piece band) play-style and have been creating original songs in that way. The simplicity and a little hard-rock sifted guitar sound shoud be the core of my music.

Demo Song/ Fire


Since Dec. 2022

Fire is a simple but internal rock song, that expresses person who explodes discontent in his/her daily job and life.

The voltage is going up toward the end with distorted guitar solo, and hopefully, listners would see flash of hope in the darkness.

Demo Song/ Action


Since Mar. 2023

Action is powefull and fast-paced rock song, which is tring to bring a positive feeling to the listners. This is early demo version and the drumming may sound a little bit awkward.

Demo Song/ Crash


Since July, 2023

Crash is the latest song that has medium tempo, which makes a vocal and drumm-beginner like me cry very much. It is not easy to keep and express the tired feeling of the punk hero, in this speed and within sound of the minimum instruments. This is early demo version.

Old Rock Station is my personal project, started in Y2020 and targeting to create original rock band songs written in English.

I am not either a professional musician or an experienced guitar player. Actually all I played the music in public with my electric guitar for some popular hard rock band copy songs were over 20 years ago.

In that time I was a heavy listener of Mr.Big, Extreem, Guns'n Roses, Ozzy Ozbourne and so on. And surprisingly, not much has changed after the decades.

So you may feel something like them in my songs. Probably it's hard for me to create any music without that era's, hard rock / metal, taste.

Somehow in recent years I had chances to play the music with my old electric guitars, one is an Ibanez and the other is a Fender, and the experience was very fun and interesting to me.

Through the process I got an idea to create original 3-piece band songs that are all played by myself at the initial stage, even with a little use of computer technology, so called DAW which may have actually been existing since our younger days but had not been easy to access.

It's my pleasure, if you would enjoy the process how I am making my original band songs and think of initiating your own original music activity. Nothing is too late!

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